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Do you have a test IP or a download file?
Test IP: 100MB Test file:
Do you offer DDoS protection?
We do not. However, you can use a free service like Cloud Flare.
Do you oversell your services?
Currently, no. However, we have no policy against overselling. We are not trying hiding anything...
How do I contact Serve By Design?
The fastest way to get support or contact us is to open a ticket. Open a support ticket...
How long does it take to deploy my VPS?
All of our orders are hand processed. Once your order passes some of our basic fraud tests, your...
What operating systems to you have available?
Aside from offering Turnkey Linux, we also offer:CentOSDebianFedoraScientificSuse UbuntuYou...
What things are not allowed on my VPS?
View our Terms Of Service for more info.
What type of hardware do you use?
Configuratons may vary based on available hardware. Dual Quad-Core Xeon L5520 32GB-74GB...

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